Gå til hovedindhold

Peter Grosbøl Frank (1887–1974) and Kristine Grosbøl Frank (1886–1957)

During World War I, like many other Danish-minded men from the region, Peter was sent off to fight on the German side, wearing the uniform of a country he did not feel was his. However, rather than seeking refuge in Denmark, he chose to fight alongside his regional comrades.

While Peter was away at the Western Front, his wife Kristine took care of their farm and their home. After Peter was sent home as a war invalid, he and Kristine resumed their efforts to see the region become part of Denmark again, as “Southern Jutland”. Among other things, Peter served as the treasurer of the Election Association. In that capacity he had been invited to attended the meeting in the Royal Reception Hall on 17 November 1918. However, with Folkehjem already filled with people, he and Kristine chose to enjoy the day in the park outside the building with a few good friends.


You now have two options (note: audio files in Danish only):

  • Footprint Story about “the soldier who blinked away death”: a dramatized interpretation of Peter’s life before the meeting, and his version of events during the meeting at Folkehjem.

Interview with Peter and Kristine’s daughter, Jørgine (aged 100), relating the events of 17 November 1918 as seen through her family’s eyes that day. The interview was conducted by the Museum of South Jutland on behalf of Aabenraa Municipality.