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Ingeborg Hoeck (1896-1987)



Ingeborg was raised in South Schleswig, where she also earned her certificate as a qualified teacher. Her family had moved to Aabenraa after her mother died, and on 17 November 1918 she was 22 years old. A few years later she found a permanent teaching position at Bolderslev Skole, where her pupils would be Danish children. Ingeborg was a dedicated educator who made a profound impression on her pupils – one of whom has shared Ingeborg’s story, thereby handing it down to us.

You now have two options (note: audio files in Danish only):

  • Footprint Story about “the teacher”: a dramatized interpretation of Ingeborg’s life around this time, and her version of events during the meeting at Folkehjem.
  • Interview with a friend of Ingeborg Hoeck’s who was once her pupil, and who relates the events of 17 November 1918 as seen through her teacher’s eyes that day. The interview was conducted by the Museum of South Jutland, on behalf of Aabenraa Municipality.