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Accommodation and shelter for Ukrainian refugees

Information about accommodation and shelter for Ukrainian refugees in Denmark


    Information page for Ukrainian citizens

    Due to the special circumstances in Ukraine, the Danish Immigration Service and the Danish Agency for International Recruitment and Integration (SIRI) have created an information page aimed at Ukrainian citizens. The purpose of the site is to provide Ukrainian citizens who are in Denmark or wish to come to Denmark with information about e.g. the possibilities of keeping or obtaining a residence permit.

    The Ministry of Immigration and Integration is the central authority responsible for receiving and accommodating refugees in Denmark. More specifically, the job of accommodating Ukrainian refugees is performed by the Danish Immigration Service.

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    Accommodation in Aabenraa Municipality via the Danish Immigration Service

    In late February 2022, Aabenraa Municipality informed the Danish Immigration Service that it is ready to house Ukrainian refugees in the previous care home in Bolderslev. Aabenraa Municipality is currently awaiting more information from the authorities about the need for accommodation in the municipality.

    Aabenraa Municipality has created an email address that enables citizens to ask questions and make suggestions regarding the conflict in Ukraine. You are welcome to write to us at ukraine@aabenraa.dk.

    Accommodation in private homes

    You are welcome to open your home to Ukrainian refugees. You can read more about Ukrainian citizens’ legal stay in Denmark here. If you wish to open your home to Ukrainian refugees, we will contact you if your help is needed. 

    The first thing you do is contact Aabenraa Municipality at ukraine@aabenraa.dk.