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A lot of children and young people are worried

The conflict in Ukraine takes centre stage in the media, and a lot of children and young people are worried. It is important that parents and family listen to the children’s questions and concerns about the war in Ukraine and talk to them about the situation.


    The schools in Aabenraa Municipality have provided the teachers with guidelines for how to talk to their students about the war in Ukraine and about the insecurity and anxiety it may cause. The schools are also ready to help children – Danish, Ukrainian, Russian or other – who worry a lot or develop anxiety or similar conditions. 

    Parents are always welcome to contact the teachers if they are worried about their children.

    In addition, the Ministry of Children and Education have compiled various material and information from children’s organisations on how parents and teachers can address their children’s concerns. It is available at https://www.uvm.dk/aktuelt/i-fokus/ukraine/situationen-i-ukraine 

    Parents are also welcome to contact Citizen Consultant in Aabenraa Municipality Lene Cathrine Tourlin Kolte at +45 73 76 70 83.