SKAT, import of a vehicle, driver's license, bank account and the blue EU health insurance card

Read about SKAT, import of a vehicle, driver's license, bank account and the blue EU health insurance card.

SKAT (tax office)

Everyone who works in Denmark and has an income must have a tax card. Your employer, who is obliged to automatically deduct taxes before paying your wages/salary and to transfer them to the tax authority SKAT, requires the tax card.
From the tax card, you can see what percentage of wages taxes are to be paid minus the deductions/allowances. This rate is calculated based on an advance payment notice. That means you have to state what income and any deductions/exemptions you expect for the rest of the year.
At the end of the year, the tax authority SKAT creates an overview (the tax assessment) of your income and the taxes deducted. The tax assessment is then available in March. The tax assessment notice states whether you have to pay back taxes or are entitled to a tax refund.
The tax authority SKAT receives most of the information directly from employers, banks, trade unions and unemployment insurance. However, you are obliged to check the entries yourself and to inform the SKAT tax authority if they are incorrect.
Learn more about the Danish tax system and what the taxes finance.

Import of a foreign vehicle in Denmark

If you move to Denmark and have a car with a foreign number plate, you must register your car no later than 30 days after moving. You can find more information in English on lifeindenmark.
The website of the Danish tax authority SKAT contains information in English.

Driver’s license

In the case of an EU citizen, they can use the driver's license from their home country, if it is valid. 

Open a bank account - NemKonto

If you have an income in Denmark, the employer must transfer your wages/salary to a bank account. You can use a bank account abroad, but you often have to pay a fee if the money is transferred abroad. It is therefore advantageous to open an account with a Danish bank or savings bank.

In order to become a customer of a Danish bank or savings bank, you need to provide the necessary documentation, i.e. passport, driver's license, rental agreement, yellow health insurance card or your Danish CPR number. Some banks also require you to see your employment contract or an employer statement.

If a bank account or possibly several accounts have been opened, you must decide on an account as a so-called NemKonto, "simple account". All individuals and companies in Denmark need a NemKonto for government payments, such as tax refunds. You can find more information under NEMKONTO.


The blue EU health insurance card

The blue EU health insurance card covers the costs of necessary medical and hospital treatment, medicines, etc. during a stay in an EU country as well as in Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein and Switzerland.

The card is free and valid for up to five years. If you need the card for something other than holidays and live abroad, the validity may be shorter. It is important that your blue EU health insurance card is valid for the entire period of your stay abroad.

The blue EU health insurance card only covers if the healthcare provider is affiliated with the public health insurance in the country you are in. The blue EU health insurance card does not cover treatment in private hospitals or clinics.

There is therefore a restriction on the treatment location. You can only avoid this restriction by taking out private travel insurance with coverage for acute illnesses in the countries mentioned.

The blue health insurance card is available from Udbetaling Danmark. The number to apply for the blue health insurance card is (+45) 70 12 80 81 and you can also order one at borger.dk.