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Residence permits, CPR-nr, the yellow health card and MitID

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Residence permits, CPR-nr, the yellow health card and MitID

Read about Residence permits, CPR-numbers and the yellow health card and MitID.

Residence permits for EU citizens, EEA citizens and Nordic nationals

According to the “EU rules on free movement”, citizens of the EU/EEA and Switzerland are free to enter Denmark to work or to look for a job. If you are planning to be here for six months or less, you do not need a residence permit. However, if you plan to work in Denmark for three months or more, it is advisable to register immediately and apply for a CPR number (Danish social security number).

EU citizens are nationals of Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus (only from the Greek Cypriot area), Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Greece, the Netherlands, Ireland, Italy, Croatia, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, the Czech Republic, Sweden, as well as Germany, Hungary and Austria.

EEA citizens are nationals of Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway. If you come from Norway, however, the regulations for Nordic citizens apply.
The same rules apply to Swiss nationals as to EU/EEA citizens.

Visit SIRI's website, fill out the application, and book an appointment
On SIRI’s website, you can see on what basis you can apply for a residence permit and fill out the application. After you have completed the application, you submit it personally to SIRI after having booked an appointment online.

Telephone number: (+45) 7214 2000
Telephone number for EU nationals: (+45) 7214 2004

CPR-nr. and the yellow health card

In Denmark, all citizens have a personal social security number, the so-called CPR number.

If your spouse, partner or children move to Denmark, they also need their own CPR number.

"CPR" is the abbreviation for the central register of persons. You must state the CPR number whenever you contact public authorities in Denmark. The number has ten digits, the first six of which indicate your date of birth. The CPR number is personal, unique and used by all authorities as an identification and reference number.

The CPR number is a requirement for obtaining a national health insurance card, tax card and opening a bank account.

Once you have received a CPR number and registered entry into the municipality, you are covered by the general Danish health insurance. This means that in case of sickness you can get free medical treatment.

You have to select a specific doctor from a list of practicing doctors in Aabenraa Kommune.
The Citizens’ Service Center ensures that you will receive the national ID card in the post, which means that you are covered by the public health insurance.
We call this card “det gule sundhedskort”. You always have to bring the card with you when you go to the doctor, hospital or require other health services.

As part of the Danish welfare system, you not only have the right to health insurance, but also – if you have children – the opportunity to apply for child and family benefits, including childcare and education for your children. You can find more information about the Danish welfare system on www.lifeindenmark.borger.dk.

Applying for the CPR number and the yellow health card (sundhedskort).

Once you have received your “Bevis for registrering” (residence permit), you need to book an appointment with the Citizens’ Service Center. Note that you have to book an appointment for each person.

At the Citizens’ Service Center, you will receive your CPR number and order your sundhedskort at the same time.

Bring the following with you:

  • Passport/ID card
  • Residence permit
  • Rent/purchase agreement

If you are married, divorced or widowed:

  • Marriage certificate (if your spouse is not present and the spouse’s date of birth is not on the marriage certificate: also the spouse’s birth certificate)
  • Final divorce decree or death certificate

If you have a child/children:

  • Birth certificate(s) of the child(ren).


If you move to Denmark with your child, and the other parent does not move along, this parent does not have to be there in person upon arrival. A written authorization and a copy of this parents passport/ID card are sufficient.


The Citizens’ Service Center will also help you to get a MitID - your personal digital signature - and to open a so-called "Digital mail" for your electronic mail.

You need this electronic mailbox (Digital mail) because the Danish authorities send almost all mail, such as requests for hospital examinations, MOT examinations, etc., to citizens electronically. A large part of the case working and communication with citizens is based on the so-called “electronic self-entry procedure”. In many cases, it is mandatory to use this procedure. You also need the MitID for online banking.

You can get a MitID after the age of 13 if you have a Danish CPR number and can show valid identification such as a passport, a Danish photo residence permit, a driving license, a birth or name certificate and/or health insurance card.


Read more about MitID

MitID has clear rules for how to use it and what we can do and not do at citizen service.

Read more here https://aabenraa.dk/om-kommunen/english/newcomers/mitid