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Hygge & spare time

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Hygge & spare time

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Danish ‘hygge’ is a broad term associated with everything that can be described as beautiful, friendly, comfortable, relaxing, secure and often homely.

‘Hygge’ also means inviting guests, to go for a walk with the family, have dinner with colleagues, to go to a restaurant with friends, to have a cup of coffee with your neighbour or friends, watch TV with the children or play games. Cosiness is often connected to experiences with others, but we also like to make ourselves comfortable when we read a good book in front of a burning candle and have a cup of coffee or work in the garden. That is ‘hygge’ for us.

Employees in Denmark have the most daily spare time of any of their European neighbours, according to a new interactive index from the OECD. Even if Danes spent 10 hours a day eating and sleeping, they would still have just over six hours to watch TV, go for a bike ride or visit a nearby town.

The index defines leisure time and personal hygiene as time spent eating, sleeping, socializing, hobbies, watching television and using computers.

Maybe you are already acquainted with the Danish 37-hour week or the legally prescribed 5-week holiday. However, what to do with all that free time?

We Danes are known for our active social life. We have a tradition of founding associations for young and old. Our leisure activities in particular take place in clubs and associations. The Danish Sports Association alone has around 9,000 sports clubs with a total of over 1.9 million members. Whether you like running, rowing, knitting, playing chess, singing in a choir or brewing beer - there is a club and association for every interest.

Danish associations are the backbone of social life. Many function as volunteer-based hangouts where you show up and do what you love with people who share your passion.

Aabenraa Municipality is one of the municipalities in Denmark with the highest density of associations. Check our association page to see if there is an association for you.

Aabenraa Municipality also offers a diverse cultural life, so that you can always spend your free time in an interesting way.

You can also use the Danish and German libraries as a cultural meeting point. There are not only books, but you can read magazines and newspapers too, surf the Internet for free, as well as print and copy. There are play corners and other activities for the little ones, and there are readings, sewing courses and theater groups as well.

Do you need more inspiration about what to do with your free time?

Here are some tips:

  • Music festivals: There are hundreds of music festivals in Denmark - from mainstream rock events to niche festivals with folk, jazz, opera or electronic music.
  • Dining: Visit one of the 26 Michelin restaurants or head for a more casual meal at one of the many food markets offering quality street food from around the world.
  • Architecture: Enjoy a mix of medieval, renaissance and modern architecture. Experience state-of-the-art design with a strong focus on sustainability.
  • Art and History: Visit excellent historical museums and modern art collections or galleries, e.g. Brundlund Slot, Oldemorstoft, Frøslevlejren and Damgaard Mølle og Veterantraktorsamling.
  • Amusement parks: Try Tivoli in central Copenhagen, LEGOLAND, Fårup Sommerland and Tivoli Friheden to name just a few.
  • Nature: Aabenraa Municipality has a wide variety of landscapes and natural beauty waiting to be explored by you.

On Visit Sønderjylland, Southern Denmark’s tourism organization, you will definitely find something that suits your taste.