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All about the labour market

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All about the labour market

Read all about the labour market.

Job search

For a successful move, a job is usually of crucial importance. There are plenty of job opportunities in the Aabenraa area, whether you are highly educated or a skilled worker from any industry.

You will find many job offers on various job exchanges:

The job center

We can also refer you to the job center.

Work in Denmark

Work in Denmark in Odense offers free job search courses for international job seekers. You can find out more on their website www.workindenmark.dk.

Recognition of foreign training

Some training must be recognized in Denmark in order to be allowed to practice in Denmark.
You can find out more at: https://ufm.dk.

Unemployment benefits

You can find information on unemployment benefits on lifeindenmark.dk.

A-kasse (unemployment fund)

A-kasse/unemployment funds are private insurance companies that are supported by the state. It is a great advantage to be a member of an a-kasse so that you can receive unemployment benefits if you become unemployed. It is important to know that you are not automatically covered by unemployment insurance if you lose your job if they are employed by a company. You have to become an active part of an a-kasse yourself in order to be insured.
There are 24 different unemployment funds in Denmark, and each unemployment fund only covers certain areas. Therefore, not all applicants will be accepted as members.
In addition to membership, there are different rules for receiving unemployment benefits if you lose your job. You must have been a paying member for at least 1 year.
The amount paid out monthly is based on your own income. You can find more information at (English link): https://www.a-kasser.dk/unemployment-insurance-funds.php.

Fagforening (union)

A union is an organization for employees in one or more occupational areas, who work for better wages and working conditions. Primarily through treaties and agreements.
It is the members who own the union and it is the members who decide who is elected to union posts. The more members, the more the union faces the employer, e.g. in salary negotiations and working conditions.
It is not mandatory that you are a member of a union. However, a union has more advantages than disadvantages. Union membership is usually cheap. Being a union member is always beneficial, whether you have doubts about something or need advice, whether it is about pay and working conditions or more complex situations such as harassment and bullying. In these cases you can seek legal help and advice from your union.
Many unions are politically active and influence the various parties to create better working conditions in union members' workplaces.
You have to choose the union you like best; this cannot be determined by others. However, it is important to know if the union covers your area of work. For example, it is a bad idea to vote for a union that specializes in the IT sector if you are a craftsman.