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Update after the storm surge in Aabenraa Kommune

The evacuation has been completed. Now, extensive cleanup work awaits.

21. okt. 2023


    It has been an intense night in Aabenraa Kommune, where a storm surge with a significantly elevated water level of over two meters caused flooding in several places within the municipality. Fortunately, there are no reports of fatalities or serious injuries. A big thank you to all the many emergency responders, home care workers, staff at care facilities, the police, and the citizens who made tremendous efforts to help each other throughout the night. 

    The evacuation that was announced by the police when a water tube burst shortly after midnight has been called off, and people have returned to their homes. Now, an extensive cleanup operatin awaits, which is expected to extend well into next week. It is important for everyone to respect road and harbour closures, damaged power cabinets, etc., and generally exercise common sense during the cleanup. 

    This is the quickest way to complete the work and avoid any harm. 

    Part of the cleanup effort includes removing water, fallen trees, and debris from our roads in many parts of the municipality. As always, it is important to drive according to the conditions and take care of yourself and others on the road. 

    Home care services have been operating throughout the night and continue to do so, although there may be delays due to road conditions and other factors. We thank you for your patience and trust in our efforts to work as quickly as possible. 

    The Barsø ferry is currently undergoing inspections for storm damage and is therefore out of service, suspending connections to and from Barsø until at least 12:00 PM today. 

    Several residents and business in Aabenraa Municipality are currently without power. This mainly affects Aabenraa city but also several other urban and rural communities. Stay informed on N1's website to see which areas are affected by the outage and when it is expected to be restored. https://n1.dk/drift

    Arwos has shut down several wastewater pumps in the municipality, which may impact you and your household. Keep an eye on current operational disruptions at https://arwos.dk/om-arwos/driftstatus/

    Throughout the day, we expect to provide more detailed information about lifted road closures and the cleanup work in general.