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Expect serious flooding in Aabenraa, Loddenhøj, and Skarrev

DMI warns of 2,14 m. higher water level in Aabenraa

19. okt. 2023


    The current forecast from Danish Meteorological Institute predicts that Aabenraa will experience a significant rise in water levels, with an expected increase of 2,14 meters, likely peaking the the night before Saturday. Aabenraa Kommune's crisis management team has been convened this morning and will reconvene at 5:00 pm.

    The emergency response teams in Aabenraa Kommune are present at the harbour, actively working to minimise the risk of water reaching the city of Aabenraa. However, property owners in vulnerable areas are strongly urged to secure their premises. Sand and sandbags are available for collection near the fire station, at Arena Aabenraa's parking lot, and at the entrance to Loddenhøj Strand. Please bring your own shovel and, if needed, a trailer. Sandbags will be distributed on-site. 


    Aabenraa Kommune will make efforts to establish direct contact with building owners in particularly exposed areas, urging them to safeguard their properties. Please prepare for serious flooding, potential water in basements, and wet gardens. 


    You may, for instance:

    • Use sandbags, plastic, and boards to block water entry. 
    • Limit the use of toilet, baths, or anything that might overload the sewage system. 
    • Secure basement drains with plastic and heavy objects to prevent or delay potential seepage through the sewer system. 
    • Protect your valuables by elevating them as a precaution. 


    Home care and nursing services are operating as usual. If the police issue restrictions, the municipality will directly contact affected residents. 


    On the map below, you can see the areas within the municipality where we expect flooding if all safety measures hold. This afternoon, we will post a map showing areas at risk of flooding if the water levels cannot be contained. 


    The infrastructure will be impacted as follows:

    • The harbour will be closed to traffic. 
    • Møllemærsk road will be closed from the traffic lights towards the harbour when pumping operations commenced - expected to start thursday afternoon. 
    • The causeway to Kalvø will be partially submerged, so there will be no access to or from Kalvø during this time. 
    • The ferry to Barsø may have to suspend its services, so residents and visitors to Barsø should take necessary precautions. 
    • High waves could potentially result in flooding on Flensborgvej, which will be closed if such an event occurs. 


    Stay informed through relevant authorities such as the police, emergency services, and the Danish Meteorological Institute (DMI). Also, follow updates on Aabenraa Kommune's Facebook page and website, as both will be regularly updated.