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Evacuation of the centre of Aabenraa city initiated

Evacuation has been initiated. Follow the police's instructions.

21. okt. 2023



    One of the dikes near Gammelhavn has burst, and water is on its way towards the centre of Aabenraa.

    Emergency Services South Jutland advises that residents living on the following streets should consider evacuating, especially if they reside on the ground floor and do not have the option to move to higher floors or feel uncomfortable doing so.

    If you have nowhere to go, you can head to Folkehjem at Haderslevvej 7, 6200 Aabenraa, where police and firefighters are present. Here, you can spend the night or stay until you have the opportunity to be picked up by family or friends.

    Call 1-1-4 if you need assistance with this.

    According to the police, the following streets are affected (see map). 

    • Madevej
    • Kathale
    • H.P. Hanssensgade
    • Bottom of Rådhusgade (eastern part)
    • Opnørplads
    • Kilen
    • Gasværksvej
    • Reberbanen

    Sirens can be heard in the city for the same reason. 

    Residents in the above-mentioned areas should immediately moved away from the area to avoid endangering themselves. If you have no place to take shelter, please contact 1-1-4. 


    Sirens have mistakenly been activated in other parts of the municipality. The siren warning applies only to the centre of Aabenraa city.