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Marriage Registry Office

Here you will find detailed information about getting married in Aabenraa Kommune.


    The Marriage Registry Office in Aabenraa first has available appointments from the end of August!


    When you want to get married in Denmark, you must submit your application to the Agency of Family Law (Familieretshuset). You select by yourself, which municipality you wish to get married in and you have to indicate this in your application.

    Of course, we would be delighted if you choose Aabenraa Kommune for the most important day of your life. 

    If this is the case, please follow this procedure:

    1. Send your documents to the Agency of Family Law (Familieretshuset) and choose Aabenraa Kommune for your wedding municipality - if you have questions regarding the case working or the case working progress, please contact the Agency of Family Law (Familieretshuset), hence we cannot answer questions in this matter.
    2. When the Agency of Family Law (Familieretshuset) has checked and approved your papers, you will receive an email with a link to our booking page. You can book an appointment for the wedding yourself on the booking page. The appointments are always released 8 weeks in advance.
    3. You can only book an appointment once you have received your approval from the Agency of Family Law (Familieretshuset). Usually you can get an appointment within two weeks, but during high season (April-August & November-December) the waiting time is approx. 4-6 weeks.

    Appointments and witnesses

    Two witnesses must be present at a wedding.

    If you bring your own witnesses, you can get an appointment on a Monday, Tuesday, Thursday afternoon or Friday.

    If you do not have your own witnesses, the municipality can provide them free of charge. If you do not bring your own witnesses, we can offer you appointments from Monday to Thursday. If you have a camera or a cell phone the witnesses can help you to take pictures or make a video during the ceremony.

    On Thursdays we have appointments with our witnesses for couples who urgently need an appointment, e.g. because their certificate of marital status from Familieretshuset will expire shortly. Please contact us by email (vielser@aabenraa.dk) if you need an urgent appointment. 

    We are closed every Monday and Wednesday in July, except from Wednesday the 10th July. 
    In August we are closed on the 5th, 7th, 12th and 14th.
    In the calendar weeks 30 and 31 we are not able to provide witnesses. 

    You come to the wedding ceremony on the date agreed with Aabenraa Kommune and there are no additional costs. There is no mandatory overnight stay.

    Please note! You must both be able to communicate in English, German or Danish. If this is not the case, you must bring along a translator. If we cannot communicate with both of you, we cannot wed you. 

    Beach Weddings

    Once again this year, we are offering beach weddings for those who want to add a personal touch to their ceremony. 
    Beach weddings are reserved for couples who bring their own witnesses.

    It is possible to get married on the beach on the following Fridays: May 31st, June 7th, June 14th, June 21st, August 23rd, and August 30th. The appointments will be released shortly on our booking page.

    How to change the marriage municipality if you already have your approval from the Agency of Family Law

    If you already have an approval and want to get married in our municipality, you must contact the Agency of Family Law (Familieretshuset). The Agency of Family Law (Familieretshuset) will send us your documents and you will then receive a link to our booking page.

    Please contact the Agency of Family Law (Familieretshuset).

    Web: https://familieretshuset.dk/en
    Phone: +45 7256 7000
    E-Mail: proeve@familieretshuset.dk

    Practical information

    Venue for the Ceremony
    Det gamle Rådhus (The Old Town Hall)
    Storegade 30, 1st floor
    DK-6200 Aabenraa

    Changing Facilities
    There is a changing room available in the waiting area if you wish to change on-site.

    Accomodation, activities and restaurants
    Are you looking for accommodation, activities or a good restaurant visit the homepage of Aabenraa City.

    Parking lots
    In Aabenraa there are the following parking lots.

    How does the wedding proceed? 

    A wedding takes place with the couple, along with the guests, arriving at the agreed-upon time.

    If you arrive early, you can wait in the waiting room. 

    The registrar will come to fetch you, and you will proceed to the ceremony room together.

    The couple has a seat in front of the registrar, and the two witnesses sit close by. 

    Other guests take their seats behind the couple.

    If you have a photographer with you or a guest, who wants to take pictures, they can stand next to the registrar to capture the best photos.

    The registrar gives a short speech and asks the couple to stand before exchanging their vows.

    Once the registrar has declared you as a married couple, there's an opportunity to exchange rings.

    Afterward, the couple, witnesses, and registrar must sign the marriage register.

    Subsequently, the couple receives two international marriage certificates and a small token of appreciation from the municipality.

    Following this, guests can congratulate the couple and take additional photos. 

    Before you leave, the registrar is happy to take a group photo of everyone.

    After the wedding

    Marriage Registration & Name Change

    Inform the relevant authorities that you have gotten married in Denmark. If you wish for a name change, also communicate this to the relevant authorities, as a name change in Denmark is not possible if you reside abroad.

    Closing days 2024 (all days included)

    We are closed every Monday and Wednesday in July, except from Wednesday the 10th July. 
    In August we are closed on the 5th, 7th, 12th and 14th.
    In the calendar weeks 30 and 31 we are not able to provide witnesses. 

    17.01.- 21.01.
    23.03.- 01.04.
    20.05.- 21.05.
    01.07.- 03.07.
    21.12.2024 - 01.01.2025

    Frequently asked questions

    Should you need a new marriage certificate you can contact us by E-mail (vielser@aabenraa.dk) or post and mention your names, dates of birth, date and place of the wedding.
    Also remember to state which address we should post the new marriage certificate to.

    A new marriage certificate is free of charge.

    If you need a legalisation/ an Apostille on your marriage certificate, please contact the Ministry Of Foreign Affairs

    When a Danish document has to be used abroad, it often has to be legalised.

    If you need to have your document legalised/apostillised, please contact the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs.