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Jens Johansen (1893-1945)



Jens was a Danish-minded man from Southern Jutland who was forced to fight on the German side in World War I. When he was sent home on leave in 1918, however, he was profoundly disturbed by the horrors of the war, and because of this he was obliged to spend the latter part of his life as a disability pensioner.

You now have two options (note: audio files in Danish only):

  • Footprint Story about “the survivor”: a dramatized interpretation of Jens’s life around this time, and his version of events during the meeting at Folkehjem.
  • Interview with Christian Johansen, the son of Jens Johansen, who relates the events of 17 November 1918 as seen through his father’s eyes that day. The interview was conducted by the Museum of South Jutland, on behalf of Aabenraa Municipality.

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